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The first deputy sheriff to reach six victims 300′ over a cliff can get a little dirty

A car went 300′ over the side of a cliff in the Angeles National Forest Sunday night and Deputy Noe Ramos and Deputy Jeff DeMooy of San Dimas Sheriff’s Station were the first on scene. A first aid and CPR instructor, Deputy Ramos heard there were six people still in the Audi so he scrambled over the side and made his way down the embankment to the car, assisted by Deputy DeMooy. Passers-by quickly joined in the effort to get help to the crash victims as soon as possible.

The over the side collision reportedly happened at 8:40PM, August 30, 2015, at Glendora Mountain Rd and Glendora Ridge Mtwy, about six miles north of Glendora.

It was soon discovered that two of the car’s occupants – the ones not wearing seatbelts – were ejected from the car. Deputy Ramos stayed with the six injured passengers for hours and medically triaged them until they could all be extracted from the crash site and taken to the hospital. Breathing dirt and helicopter fuel got him “a little dirty” said Deputy Ramos.

Ultimately, six people were rescued through the teamwork of numerous Los Angeles County Sheriff San Dimas Station deputies, San Dimas Mountain Rescue reserve sheriff deputies, Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters, Angeles National Forest rescuers, and California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers.

We’re grateful there were no fatalities, but we’ve learned some of the injuries were very serious. The joint effort included the Los Angeles County Fire Department airlifting several of the crash victims to area hospitals. Two Los Angeles County Fire Department helicopters spent about two hours on scene in hazardous conditions and a fire truck was used to add special lighting for rescuers. The incident is being investigated by the CHP.

Our local mountain roads lead to some beautiful vistas and excellent outdoor recreation activities. This incident is a stark reminder of the hazards of these challenging roads. We’re sure the passengers in this car did not anticipate or appreciate this outcome for their Sunday evening drive. Please reduce your speed and wear your seat belts. The life you save may be your own.

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