When will I be notified about my written test?

For LEJF positions, you will be notified via email one to two weeks after passing the SQ.

For LET, you will be notified in approximately two months from the date your application was reviewed and accepted.

When will I receive my results for the written test?

Written test results for DST will be given to you immediately after the exam. If you pass, you will proceed to Physical Ability Test on the same day.

Written test results for all other LEJF positions are typically emailed to applicants the next business day after the test administration, unless instructed otherwise … Continue reading

If I take the written test and fail, may I reapply?

Applicants who fail the written test may reapply six (6) months after the date of the written test. For more information, please see the Reapply Procedure section of the respective job bulletin.

Applicants who fail the written test for the Law Enforcement Technician (LET) may reapply six (6) months after … Continue reading

May I be provided with my written test score?

The written test score will not be provided for any LEJF position. The written test is a qualifying test; therefore, you will only be informed if you passed or failed the test.

For the LET position, you will be emailed your test scores.