Is there a program for applicants who reside outside of California or reside more than 90 miles from Los Angeles County?

Yes, there is an Out-of-State/Area Applicant Program available for DST and CA candidates. Once you receive your email invitation to the written test, contact the Sworn Examinations Unit by e-mail at to request placement in the program.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Out-of-State/area applicant program enables you to complete the first six components of the DST hiring process and the first five components in four days.

The components for DST are: (1) written test, (2) Physical Ability Test, (3) P.O.S.T. mandated structured interview, (4) background interview, (5) fingerprinting, and (6) polygraph.

The components for CA are: (1) written test, (2) background interview, (3) fingerprinting, and (4) polygraph.

LASD does not reimburse candidates for expenses incurred while participating in the Out-of-State/Area Applicant Program. Should you choose to participate in this program, you will be responsible for all related expenses.

The next scheduled Out-Of-State program is scheduled for January 24, 2018.

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